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In MMM we are flexibile dynamic passionate responsible in each project we develop with our customers.


MMM Consulting designes assessment and development centers tailored to your organization. We handle both management and implementation and we provide feedback or train your managers in this regard. Here you can find an example of an evaluation center and for more details please contact us!


Investors in People: Investors in People are aware that we can not separate, from the functional point of view, the human capital of an organization and the way in which the activity of that organization works. Therefore, the IIP offers support in its continuous development.

The human capital is an investment, and our role is to ensure the existence of a “return of investment”. In this case we can carry out the plan to shape organizational behavior and to transmit clear and concise: that people are those who make the difference. Productivity and profitability improved - qualified and motivated people work harder and better, resulting in the improvement of productivity and profitability by reducing waste and scrap.

Investors in People benefits:
- Competitive advantage: Investors in People strengthens quality processes, providing the needed advantage on the market identified. The higher levels of Investors in People can also identify in what consists the competitive advantage of your organization and what are the differences between it and the competition.
- Maximizing the investment in human capital outcomes - integrates the way people develop according to the objectives of the organization and business themes.
- Skills and human resources development - help maximize skills and human resource development in a structured and focused according to the objectives of the organization, making learning and development more relevant and allowing people to see its benefits and the role it will play in achieving the goals.
- Improving staff retention rate - by improving motivation and morale through greater involvement, personal development and achievement recognition, staff retention rates are improved.
- Effective management of change - improving communication across the organization will enable people at all levels to prepare for the changes that will occur in the future and to look them in a positive way. Increasing the involvement of staff and effective management of responsibilities, facilitates effective decision-making and change results.
- Customer satisfaction - when the staff that interacts with clients understands his product /service traded, customers receive an efficient service, which they will appreciate more.
- Effective communication - people at all levels of the organizational structure communicate effectively their expectations, the goals of the organization and their role in their implementation, making possible a closer cooperation and the improvement of the relations between the employees.
- Personalized Assessment - the method is completely flexible and can be adapted to suit the requirements of any organization, regardless of age, size, location or industry.